Many people HATE asking for money – we’re two of them. So why crowdfund? Well friends, that’s a question I ask myself almost daily. And then I remember that the answer is in the numbers.

Most businesses make money by selling their product or service. That’s the goal, right? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy when the single most important tool to your entire business costs over $17,000 and is not something you can readily borrow. When we started the duo, Jamie was still in school at BW and had pretty much constant access to a marimba and I was able to practice in the studio with him. We knew that he would be going to a master’s program immediately after undergrad where we thought he would still have fairly consistent access to a marimba. While he is in a master’s program, unfortunately he has zero access to a marimba at this time. In other words, we can’t do our work until we buy our own marimba.

We began our marimba fund campaign this past summer and have since raised over $2,500! We’re astounded by the generosity of our family and friends! Unfortunately, we are still not yet close enough to be able to finance our marimba. I recently reached out to the company that finances for Marimba One, the company from which we’ll be buying the marimba, to get a quote for financing. If we were to get a 5 year loan, we would be paying monthly payments of over $300. While that is technically doable, it is not at all ideal as we are currently paying my student loans, a car lease, rent and all of the other regular bills adults have to pay. Since Jamie is still in school, he is only able to work retail part time so I am working a full time job as well as second job. (I’m certainly not complaining though… I love my jobs! (: ). The other issue is that I hope to go back to school this fall and if that happens, having an additional $300 is a lot per month!

So what do we do? Well, we crowdfund and wait. We wait until we can raise enough money to be able to finance the marimba. Or we wait until we are both out of school (may be another 4 or 5 years… we’re compulsive learners) and have steady jobs and can afford the added expense. We keep working on our art, on our image, and on our hearts and eventually we’ll get somewhere. And most of all, we give thanks. Thanks for the amazing support we have in our lives and the opportunities that have allowed us to get where we are.


For more information on us, check out the rest of our website, our facebook page and follow us on twitter @defianceduo! If you are interested in learning more about our current “Buy a Bar” campaign, check out our post or our gofundme page.